Learning Through Play: Back to School

Learning Through Play: Back to School

Ready or not, school is back! After a nice, relaxing summer, many kids will have experienced what is known as the “summer slide”: a loss of reading and math skills over the summer due to lack of use. Does this sound like your kids?

What can parents do?

Even with school already back in session, parents can supplement the learning process with toys and games curated specifically to encourage learning. We at Kazoo Toys work hard to provide not only fun toys and games, but those that can also encourage learning through play.

Here are some suggestions for great learning toys at different ages. Click any item to learn more.

Brain Quest is a classic learning series, with flashcards targeted for specific age/grade levels (ages 2 – 11), as well as summer workbooks targeted for the summer between grades (grades Pre-K – Rising 6th).

Need more? Our play experts are ready to help you find the perfect learning toy or game for any age to help brush up those skills this fall.

Learning Through Play Back to School
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