Special Needs Toys

Toy Selection Considerations in this Section

Special Needs Development & Engagement

Toys for children with special needs vary across many categories based on age, developmental ability, and the specific needs of each child — from ASD (autism) to ADHD to developmental delays. While we do not have a specific section of Special Needs toys, many of our toys can be used to engage children with specific needs, whether they are visual, tactile, focus/concentration, developmental, or any other special needs.

Our play experts are happy to brainstorm with you to find a toy that meets your child’s special needs and assist with the development and engagement.

Special Needs Surfloor Tiles

Look for toys like…

  • Sensory materials like kinetic sand, slime, putty, or Floof
  • Moldable materials like dough, clay, Play Foam, or Plasticene
  • Bubbles of all sizes, or Touchable Bubbles
  • Light-up toys like balls, wands, Gyro Wheels, or rattles
  • Squeeze toys like giant stress balls, water wigglies, or Nee-Doh balls
  • Spinning toys like spinning tops, Whirly Squigz, or Spinnobi
  • Fidget toys like Spin Rings, Textured Tangle, What’Zit, or Shashibo
  • Stretchy toys like Stretchy String, Hoberman spheres, or pom balls
  • Sensory toys like flippable sequins, Glo Pals, or Speks
  • Moving toys like liquid floor tiles, glitter wands, or bubble timers
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