Middle School Toys (…and Beyond!)

Toy Selection Considerations in this Section

Middle School Age Development

For children ages 11 and up, challenges abound. As bodies change and social interactions become more important, it’s critical for middle school boys and girls to have healthy, safe, and educational outlets that help them grow, gain self awareness, and discover what they’re passionate about.

Teens, adults, and those “young at heart” can also continue to enjoy toys like hand puzzles, showy fidgets, desktop fun, and family games. Rubik’s Cubes, lava lamps, and fidget toys are mainstays that kids to adults continue to enjoy for generations.

Not only do we have advanced puzzles, construction, and science kits for middle school tweens and teens, but we also carry a great selection of trendy and timeless gizmos and gadgets that are fun for all ages. Our family game selection also provides something for everyone.

Middle School Hand Puzzles

Look for toys like…

  • Musical toys like karaoke microphones, bluetooth boomboxes, or roll-up pianos
  • Lava lamps for stress relief (and because they’re just cool!)
  • Outdoor activities like Ninjalines or Slacklines for balance and strength
  • Hand puzzles like Rubik’s Cubes for problem solving
  • Fidget toys to build coordination, concentration, and persistence
  • Advanced science kits to foster STEM interest
  • Jigsaw puzzles for visual-spatial reasoning
  • Advanced construction sets for creativity
  • Art or spa kits for self-expression
  • Games like board, card, or dice that involve strategy and social interaction

Books for Your Middle School Student

Reading continues to foster growth in many areas in Middle School and beyond. A tween might connect with a character which helps them resolve a real-world problem. Reading for fun can relieve stress and improve memory and focus. Building vocabulary through reading benefits tweens and teens as standardized testing takes a role in their lives. We carry classic stories like The Secret Garden or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that have delighted readers for generations, as well as a selection of new chapter books for middle schoolers to explore.

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