Elementary School Toys

Toy Selection Considerations in this Section

Elementary Age Child Development

Elementary school adds more structure to children’s lives, but they still need time to play! Curiosity abounds, so it is important to continue to allow exploration into many different areas. Games and puzzles can involve more strategy, science experiments can be child-led, art and construction can be more structured OR more open-ended with growing abilities, and outdoor activities can involve more coordination.

With stronger motor skills and a foundation for reading and critical thinking, children at these ages can take on more challenging games and activities. We have games, puzzles, construction toys, art kits, science experiments, and outdoor activities for each stage of elementary development.

Elementary Science Toys
Elementary Toys Swurfer Surf Swing

Look for toys like…

  • Outdoor activities like bows and arrows, balls, or jump ropes
  • Games like board, card, or dice that involve some strategy
  • Science kits to foster curiosity
  • Art and craft kits to grow creativity
  • Magic kits to encourage learning and performing new skills
  • Classic activities like marbles, kites, or slinkys
  • Musical instruments
  • Scooters or bikes for active play
  • Jigsaw puzzles or hand puzzles like Rubiks cubes for problem solving
  • Construction toys to engage creativity and following directions

Books for your Elementary Student

Reading is a fundamental skill developed in elementary school. While parents lay the groundwork for reading during a child’s early years, children blossom in their own literacy during elementary school, so it is critical to foster an interest in reading. We carry a wide selection of books for elementary students, including simple story books that they can read on their own, as well as classics like The Velveteen Rabbit or The Wizard of Oz that they can read on their own or with an adult. Reading to a child and children reading on their own are both critical in the development of literacy.

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