The Crims #2: Down with the Crims!


The Crims #2: Down with the Crims! [Kate Davies] Paperback.

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Imogen Crim has moved back home with her family and resumed her commitment to crime. But coming back to Blandington isn’t quite so easy.

Between Big Nana’s crime theory assignments, regular schoolwork, and keeping up with her new archenemy Ava Gud, Imogen can’t find a spare moment to participate in the family’s new Crime Directive. And the Crims have even been bumped from the top spot on Blandington’s Most Wanted list! Oh, the injustice!

Then various Crims start disappearing without a trace, and Big Nana is convinced that the Kruk family is behind the kidnappings. Imogen will need to use all her shadiest and shiftiest skills if she’s ever to see her family again…

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Harper Collins Publishing

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