Little Dipper Roller Coaster


For the Lego enthusiast in your family, challenge them with a working roller coaster! CDX coasters come in three sizes, all operable via crank or motor (sold separately), and compatible with Lego blocks so your Lego minifigures can ride in the cars! For ages 10+

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The Little Dipper is a block based, Lego-compatible roller coaster kit.  This fun and easy to assemble kit is the perfect introduction to the CDX line of roller coaster models. With over 300 precision molded pieces, the Little Dipper is both fun to build and exciting to play with. The kit assembles into a compact model, about 18″ long. Functioning just like a real roller coaster, a chain pulls the train to the top of the hill where gravity takes over from there.

Manufacturer SKUDIPPER


CDX Blocks


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