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These are stickers that will light up any dark space, adding tremendous vibrancy to even the most closed-off area – day or night.

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GLOPLAY stickers draw their power from high-quality phosphorescent materials. These are stickers that will light up any dark space, adding tremendous vibrancy to even the most closed-off area – day or night. Our glow-in-the-dark tech is so strong, you are going to love it. Because of the strong adhesive that we use for our stickers, they will stay on any surface you attach – while remaining easily removable when it’s time for them to come down.

The way it works is simple. Just charge your GLOPLAY stickers by leaving them in sunlight for 10 minutes or indoor light for 30 minutes, enjoying full brightness for 2 hours. GLOPLAY – it’s a new sustainable, way to have bright power to be creative.

Light persistence with a lifetime glow

Dreamy light maintains gentle glow while your kid’s sleep. Stay shining for life without batteries. It keeps shining more than 5 hours, so it gives peace of mind even if the child wakes up at midnight.

Stick it and peel off anywhere anytime.

An adhesive surface that can be attached to any surface and peeled off to play with, by NITTO 5000NS. It can be easily removed by children so move them around and challenge their creativity.

Durable, water-resistant.

GLOPLAY has great durability, so it can even be used outdoors or in the bathroom. Stay shining for life with no need for batteries.

  • Keep the decal surfaces clean to best maintain their original brightness.
  • For best results, stick Gloplay decals in a location where they will be exposed to bright lights when lights are on.
  • *Full charge after 10mins of light exposure (with sunlight) / 30mins with room lights only.
  • Remove decals gently, avoiding any damage to your walls.

It can be applied to any surface whether it’s flat, bumpy, paper, cloth or wood…However, depending on the material, the wallpaper or paint may be affected when peeling off the sticker, so GLOPLAY recommends performing a sticking test on a small adhesive surface. When you remove the stickers from their surface, gently peel them to avoid any lasting effects.

Manufacturer SKU352103
FundamentalsCreative Play
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 3.8 in


Mira Design Corp

Safety Warnings

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Additonal Safety Information

Do not put it in your mouth.


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