Four-Stage Rocket Ship


Four-Stage Rocket Ship. For ages 3+, from Hape International

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Conduct your very own imaginary deep-space voyage! Play with a playmate to come up with a space-faring story! Explain what your astronauts and aliens can do in all the different levels of the rocket ship!

Manufacturer SKUE3021
FeaturesThe twenty-piece wooden rocket ship has four levels for you to explore with a variety of rooms to handle ship functions and crew needs! It even comes with a detachable planetary lander to take a crew to an alien planet's surface. Different rocket accessories can be re-assembled and attached to one another with the accompanying rope. The rocket comes with a variety of pose-able friends including an astronaut, alien, and robots. Robots can be charged in the Repair Room! The spaceship has a variety of parts that can be manipulated including a grabbing crane, rotating switches, radar screens and best of all: an elevator platform running through the middle of the spacecraft which can be raised and lowered! The twenty-piece wooden rocket is detailed with water-based paint screen-printed directly on the wood. The included astronaut can easily grip toolkits and medical kits.
Weight 7.9 lbs
Dimensions 14.17 × 7.09 × 22.44 in




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