Different-A Great Thing to Be!


Different–A Great Thing to Be! [Heather Avis] [Illustrator Sarah Mensinga]

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Macy is a girl who’s a lot like you and me, but she’s also quite different, which is a great thing to be. With kindness, grace, and bravery, Macy finds her place in the world, bringing beauty and laughter wherever she goes and leading others to find delight in the unique design of every person.

Children are naturally aware of the differences they encounter at school, in their neighborhood, and in other everyday relationships. They just need to be given tools to understand and appreciate what makes us “different,” permission to ask questions about it, and eyes to see and celebrate it in themselves as well as in those around them.

Manufacturer SKU9780593232651
AuthorHeather Avis
IllustratorSarah Mensinga
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