Wishcraft Mystical Moons Paint A Scarf


Paint your own luxuriously long soft scarf in bright neons!
Pre-printed with golden designs: moon phases, moths, flowers and stars!
Includes a plastic pallete, paint brush, cardboard work mat and pins to keep your scarf taut as you paint it.

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This stunning, breezy scarf has a beautiful, mystical pattern with moons and flowers in gold foil. Mix the neon fabric dyes in the included palette and create a totally wearable and striking accessory! Pin to the included cardboard surface to keep your scarf taut and work area clean. Includes a 5 ft long polyester scarf, 3 liquid fabric dyes, paintbrush, palette, 40 pins, cardboard painting surface, and instructions.

Manufacturer SKU2921
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1.5 in


Bright Stripes


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