Shape Sorter Xylophone


Shape Sorter Xylophone

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Ever wondered how many songs can be played using just five notes? Find out with the multi-functional Shape Sorter Xylophone. Includes five wooden puzzle pieces, one baton, and a xylophone/piano base, and is a piano, xylophone and shape sorting game all rolled into one bright and engaging product. Press the blocks or hit the colorful pieces with the red baton to produce the Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So melody and play a song by using just five notes. The Shape Sorter Xylophone’s multi-functionality means more fun and more music! Made from high-quality, sturdy wood and iron. From Hape for ages 12 months+

Manufacturer SKUE0334
Weight 2.64 lbs
Dimensions 11.811 × 3.54331 × 9.44882 in




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