Mindo (Robot Edition)


Are you as smart as Robbie the Robot? Find the perfect position so each of the 9 tiles fits into the grid in this logic game with 60 challenges from beginner to expert. From Blue Orange Games, for ages 5+

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Robbie the Robot needs a repair, and wants to visit his friends on his way to get fixed. Position the other robots as you see them on the Challenge Card, so that he can say hello to them before he reaches the workshop! Play solo, or race your friends. No matter which version you choose the rules are the same: turn and flip the double-sided tiles until you have recreated the color pattern on the challenge card. They only fit one way into a 3×3 or 4×4 grid, so think and plan carefully. 60 different challenge cards and 4 levels of difficulty ensure hours of brain teasing fun!
From Blue Orange Games, for ages 5+

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Package Contents60 Challenge Cards (with solutions) 9 Tiles Illustrated Rules
FeaturesSkills include visual perception, logic, and focus & attention.
FundamentalsVisual, Logical Thought


Blue Orange

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