Lalaboom Educational Beads – 12 Pcs


A developmental toy that truly grows with your child! Textured Lalaboom beads can be easily connected together; opened and closed with a simple twisting movement; sorted, matched, and counted by color and shape; designed into colorful creations; and even laced together. A wide variety of developmental activities for a range of ages, all in one set of beads.

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A developmental toy that truly grows with your child!

At around 10 months, your child will find out that the Lalaboom beads can be connected together, thanks to their simple clipping mechanism. The variety of textures will encourage them to explore by touch.

At around 15 months, your child will discover that they can open and close the beads with a simple twisting movement. It may seem like a piece of cake for us, but for your baby this is a useful and rather challenging exercise for developing their motor skills. Repeating this movement will naturally develop your child’s dexterity.

Around 18 months old, your child will be capable of choosing shapes and colours to mix and match them. This is an excellent way for them to start expressing their preferences and creativity. You can also ask them to pair the beads with each other, which improves their learning and tests their ability to identify shapes and colours.

From 20 months, your child will have identified the different connection options offered by Lalaboom. They will now be able to build their own varied and colourful creations. The act of building is a fundamental phase in a child’s development, as it allows them to plan in advance, consider their space and execute their ideas, which promotes their sense of self-esteem.

Lalaboom beads can be laced, under adult supervision, by children aged 24 months and over. Lacing has a number of advantages for young children. It’s the first step towards learning how to write. This activity trains your child’s fine motor skills and improves their concentration, precision and hand-eye coordination.

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