Crepes & Co Waffle House


Crepes & Co Waffle House

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Everything you need to make the perfect crepes! This easy-to-move ‘Crepes & Co’ mobile stand includes 40 accessories: 1 cash register, 1 set of coins and notes, 1 waffle iron, 3 waffles, 3 donuts, 1 box of 4 eggs, 1 jar of spread, 3 crepes, 3 ‘fillings’ for the crepes, 1 bowl, 1 whisk, 1 crepe rake, 9 pieces of sliced fruit, 1 pair of tongs, 3 Kraft paper bags , 2 cardboard boxes of food and 1 box of chalks. By putting themselves in the shoes of small traders selling donuts and waffles, your children will develop their imagination and refine their movements to gain independence. The small slate on the front displays the opening hours and specials of the day. Worktop height: 50.5 cm. Wood: plywood and MDF for the painted parts. Printing: silk-screen printing.

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