Private Holiday Shopping Appointments

Kazoo Toys wants to help you make this holiday season great, despite all of the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. We will be bringing in as many awesome holiday toys as we can early this year and taking private shopping appointments throughout the holiday season, starting October 1st.

During your appointment, the store is yours for a full 30 minutes! A staff member will be available to shop with you or to leave you completely alone, whatever your preference. When you are finished shopping, we will ring up your purchases, discuss complimentary gift-wrapping, and let you know when your wrapped gifts will be available for pick-up.

For appointments October 1 – 21, your $20 deposit earns a $25 credit toward your purchase the day of your appointment. For appointments Nov 1 – Dec 24, your $20 deposit will be applied in full to your purchase the day of your appointment.

It’s important for holiday shoppers to be prepared. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping – you may find nothing but empty store shelves and shipping delays. We look forward to helping you with all of your holiday toy shopping!

Holiday Appointments 2021
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